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Begged-For Recipes by The Three Sisters Maximize

Begged-For Recipes by The Three Sisters

Begged-For Recipes by The Three Sisters.  A Vegan recipe book that is innovative and has recipes that tempt all palates.

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This new book has some exciting recipes that most every household will find
helpful. It contains some well kept, long-awaited family secret recipes. There
are recipes for seasonings, meat substitutes, breakfast foods, entrees, salads,

sandwich and wrap fillings, sauces, gravies and desserts, including never be-
fore seen recipes and educational helps regarding substitutions for eggs and

butter in cookie recipes. These ideas will help you make great chewy vegan
cookies that do not look or taste vegan. There are also educational notes telling
you what aquafaba is and how to use it, plus some amazing recipes.
Some of the most begged-for recipes in the book have been, the never before
seen, Three Sisters’ Chick’n and Beef-less Seasonings and the Chick’n,
Beef–less and Teriyaki Strips. (Gluten-free options for the strip recipes have
been included.)

The vegan, mouth-watering, crispy, crunchy copy-cat coating for frying chick-
en type products is even stellar on green tomatoes. The book’s Chick’n Fried

Steak recipe has been a favorite even amongst meat eaters.